Платежный шлюз ConcordPay для Shopify

Concord Pay Payment Gateway for Shopify

Integration with gatewayConcordPay.

ConcordPay payment service allows you to accept payments with Visa/MasterCard payment cards and GooglePay/ApplePay mobile wallets.


  • easy integration,
  • a convenient personal account,
  • low tariff - 2.1%,
  • Accept payments from all over the world on a secure page.

Additional services:

  • invoicing in any messenger (invoicing),
  • payment splitting service (SPLIT),
  • recurrent (regular) payments

Connection order:

  1. Install the "ConcordPay: Control Panel" application (visit dev@trademinister.de to get the link).
  2. Install the gateway from Payment VISA, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay (ConcordPay).
  3. Select gateway (Settings - Payment providers - Alternative payments) - "Payment VISA, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay (ConcordPay)".
  4. Fill in the Store and Password fields for the payment gateway (/admin/settings/payments).
  5. In the app, enter the gateway access password, Merchant ID, and Private Key received from ConcordPay support (/admin/apps).

Order ConcordPay gateway connection.

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