Платежный шлюз Платон для Shopify

Platon payment gateway for Shopify

Connection order:

  1. Install "Plato: Control Panel" applications (visit dev@trademinister.de to get the link)
  2. Install the gateway using the link from the Plato Control Panel app
    Plato App Control Panel for Shopify
  3. Select a gateway (Settings - Payment providers - Alternative payments)
    Select Plato payment gateway in Shopify admin
  4. Specify the name of the Shopify account and the password to access the payment gateway (/admin/settings/payments)
    Setting up Plato payment gateway for Shopify
  5. In the application, specify the password for accessing the gateway (p. 2), merchantAccount and SecretKey received from Plato's support (/ admin / apps)
    Setting up the Plato Control Panel app for Shopify
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  6. Write a letter to Platon's support with the following text: "Set callback_url for shop - https://platon.trademinister.net/callback, method - POST"