Интернет-магазин и персональные данные покупателей

Online store and personal data of buyers

.There is interesting article about working with personal data.

In short.

What is personal data (in any combination):

  • surname,
  • name,
  • middle name,
  • some physical address,
  • email,
  • phone,
  • date or place of birth,
  • photography,
  • link to personal website or social networks
  • profession,
  • education,
  • income level,
  • marital status

How to work with personal data:

It is necessary to mention on the store's privacy page that personal data is collected exclusively for the execution of the sales contract with the store and will not be used in any way.

When placing an order, you need to warn the buyer about the collection of personal data and you can add a checkmark to consent to the processing of personal data.

It is necessary to prepare an order for the store on working with personal data and on responsibility for violation of the procedure for working with personal data.

If you find reasons, then send notification to RosKomNadzor about working with personal data.

To resolve the contradiction between the requirement and the Personal Data Protection Act and the hosting of Shopify servers in the USA, there is an an interesting way . This method of processing personal data of Russian citizens will be especially interesting for shops on the Shopify Plus and Advanced Shopify tariffs.