Facebook for Shopify Online Store Promotion

The secret to a good ad:

  • there should be a call to action in the text, not just a product description
  • beautiful picture

A significant advantage of Facebook advertising is the additional display of a list of friends of a visitor who was interested in the ad for an advertisement.

How Facebook will help you develop your online store:

  1. Informing visitors (consultations, support, etc.)
  2. Driving traffic to the store website
  3. Filling the database of e-mail subscriptions
  4. Brand building
  5. Sell Directly From Facebook

What you can advertise on Facebook:

  1. Facebook Page
  2. External site
  3. Post
  4. Event
  5. Application (Facebook, app)

Types of Facebook Ads:

  1. Advertisement
  2. Advertising story
  3. Advertise a post (message)
  4. Advertising in the News Feed.

Facebook ad placement:

  1. News feed
    • advertising a page in FaceBook (the Like button will be displayed)
    • advertising a post in FaceBook (the Like button will be displayed)
  2. Right ad unit (not available on mobile versions)
    • advertising a page in FaceBook (the Like button will be displayed)
    • external site advertisement (just ad)

Procedure for starting an advertising campaign on Facebook:

  1. User registration
  2. Creating a Facebook store page (options) :
    • for companies that have a physical address
    • for companies working without address reference
    • brand promotion
    • popularizing an idea or community
  3. Register an account with Facebook Ads Manager
  4. Create Facebook Pixel
  5. Connect Pixel to an online store