Приложение Infinite Options для работы с продуктом Shopify

Infinite Options

Today, let's take a look at the application Infinite Options, which solves the problem of Shopify with a limited number of product options ( maximum 3 options) and the number of options for the product (maximum 100 options).

The application Infinite Options aims to make stores electronic commerce more convenient for buyers.

Features Infinite Options:

  • allows you to create many custom options for your product. The presentation of each parameter can be in the form of a drop-down menu, entering a number, checkboxes, and more.
  • Fields can be set as optional or required when selecting a product.

An expert installation service is available for this application, allowing the company team to install and configure it.

Setting Infinite Options.
In the application panel, you can start creating options fields and apply them to your products.

Custom swatches and more

*Then assign all products to Infinite Options, or assign specific products by adding product conditions in the section.

*After assigning products add your labels and make any necessary settings.

*Finally click Save Changes

*Please note that it may take a few minutes for changes to appear in real time time.

-Unlimited customization.
-Mass application options.
-Inventory management.
- Change the option in the cart.
-Setting the style and display.
-Site discount codes.
- It is possible to set an option by which additional goods can fall into the cart, as an example, you can choose package +2$, and at the same time it falls into the basket as a separate product.
-Why Infinite Options?
Link additional products to your selections to increase your prices.
-Need an extra $5 fee for gift wrapping? How about $15 for urgent processing? Infinite Options makes it easy! - With product options, we can easily add an unlimited number of product options to our products so that we are not limited by the Shopify limit of 3 options and 100 options, we can manage placeholder values ​​and default values. We can also set fields as optional or required using the product bundling feature to add additional fees for services or customizations offered with the products.

Cons of Infinite Options we've been able to figure out:
- No option for custom pricing or setting price based on user selection/input.
- Can't change image depending on from the chain of selected options.
- It is impossible to link several products to one option template, instead it needs to be duplicated on other products.