Правила SEO для интернет-магазина (Теория)

SEO Rules for an Online Store (Theory)

The term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means a set of measures aimed at improving the position of an online store in search results in Google, Yandex, etc.
You need to understand that if a store is young (up to 1 year from the date of indexing search engines) and offers goods or services for which there are many competitors, then it will be very, very difficult to bring the store to the TOP-5 positions. This is due to the fact that search engines treat new stores with “distrust” at first.
Of course, with the help of black and gray methods, you can increase the rating of the store, which will lead to a short-term hit in the TOP, but then a decrease in the results is very likely search results, or may even lead to the exclusion of the store from the search index for several months.
Therefore, it would be right at first, along with SEO, to do contextual advertising in Google and Yandex .

There are 2 types of Shopify store promotion:

  • of the store itself
  • certain products in the store

It is also necessary to highlight the directions of promotion:

  • preparation of the store website and product cards
  • providing store links from quality sites
  • social media promotion

Preparing the store website and product cards

There are 2 unconditional rules for filling in store product cards, the observance of which will allow you to successfully promote your store in search engines:

  • quality content
  • unique content

Quality content

Quality in the understanding of buyers means usefulness. The structure and content of the store must be prepared in such a way as to ensure maximum customer benefit.

Unique content

Uniqueness means the author's approach to the preparation of texts. Do not under any circumstances repeat word for word text from other sites. Also, simple replacement of words with synonyms will not help - search engines recognize this technique. Find authors who will prepare unique texts. Be sure to check these texts for uniqueness when accepting work using the services Miratools.ru . Protect all unique material using mechanisms offered by Google and Yandex.

  • Store directory structure
  • Product Cards

Store directory structure

 Store directory structure

Let's imagine that there are 3 thousand items in a store. Which version of product classification from the point of view of search engines will be more preferable: without dividing into groups or with dividing into groups (collections)? Of course, with the division into groups. Therefore, when preparing a catalog with a product, analyze the demand from buyers in terms of needs. And according to buyers' requests, group the product. Google Adwords and Yandex: Wordstat .
If there are 10 or 50 groups in a store with 3 thousand positions. Which division would be more preferable from the point of view of search engines? Of course with 50 groups.

Product Cards

 Correct product card in the online store

  1. Product name
  2. Product Description
  3. Product photos
  4. Product video demonstration
  5. Customer Engagement
  6. Features of the purchase of goods and Instructions
  7. Reviews
  8. Price
  9. Dimensions and weight
  10. Current balances
  11. Warranty
  12. Certification Information
  13. Country of origin
Product name

In the title, you need to indicate not only the brand, model, etc., but also the keywords by which the product is most often searched.

Product Description

Product descriptions should be prepared very carefully. Refuse to copy the description from the manufacturer's or competitor's website. Search engines know how to exclude duplicate information from search results. Even if you have several products with similar characteristics, get creative. Don't duplicate the description. The description text must contain keywords related to the product. But do not overdo it - the threshold for the frequency of using keywords in the text is 4-6% of the descriptionsania.

Product photos

Do not try to copy product images from a competitor's site. This will lead to the fact that in the search results there will be a competitor's product, and not yours. Set aside a budget for your photo shoot. Ensure you get quality photos. In most cases, the product in the image is better perceived against a white background - you need to clean up the background of the image. Keep track of file sizes and don't bloat them. The file name should contain keywords with product description and model name. After adding product photos to the product card, be sure to fill in the title of each photo with the mention of the word “photo” or “photo”, and do not neglect to fill in an alternative name for the photo.

Product video demonstration

Placing a video review of a product only improves the quality of presentation of information about a product from the point of view of a search engine

Customer Engagement

For some categories of goods, it is possible to conduct a demonstration using augmented reality technology or virtual demonstration. For example, the buyer can immediately try on the glasses he likes, or the jeans he likes. Also, some products can be presented in the form of a three-dimensional model, which allows you to view the product from all sides.

Specifics of purchasing goods and Instructions

Provide information about not obvious features of the purchase of goods. For example, the lack of the necessary items in the kit with the product and offer to include them in the purchase kit. Linking to instructions will also add value to the product page.


An active customer response on a product page will mean that the product is relevant to search engines, which may lead to an increase in the product's position in the search results.

Providing store links from quality sites

 Online store cross-references

Social media promotion

 Social networks

The presence of activity on pages in social networks will only raise the rating of the store. Avoid winding up the group members quantitatively, take care of the quality. Please note that in some networks direct sale of the product is already possible with the placement of the Buy button. This is Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.
A common mistake is duplicating the same information in all promotion channels. Prepare descriptions for each channel, depending on its features, with a link to the desired page on the site.
Facebook and VKontakte need information in several paragraphs, Twitter limits the message to 140 characters, and blogs already assume the inclusion of long text. Be sure to accompany the message with visuals (photo, video). For the convenience of information perception, a practical rule has been developed - every 3 paragraphs of text should be placed photos or videos.

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