How to do dropshipping on Shopify

First, let's understand the term.

Dropshipping is the retail sale of goods from the supplier's warehouse. Your task is to sell the product, and the supplier is obliged to deliver it to the buyer.

Benefits of Dropshipping:

  1. almost unlimited range of products for sale;
  2. no risk of investments in the purchase and storage of goods;
  3. low entry threshold.

Where to start:

  1. Determine what field it is interesting to work in (consumer electronics, sports or children's products, etc.)
  2. Find dropshipping suppliers (the sales organization scheme with AliExpress has become very popular)
  3. Create an online store using the platform for creating an online store Shopify
  4. Submit an item to your Shopify online store (using Ordoro, Oberlo , ShopifiedApp )
  5. Carry out an advertising campaign ( yields good results Facebook Ads and Amazon).

ShopifiedApp .


  1. Product search
  2. Importing products from various platforms
  3. Automatic execution of delivery upon receipt of orders
  4. Managing multiple stores Shopify with price tracking

Organization of sales with AliExpress

To list an item from AliExpress in the store Shopify you need to install the application Oberlo . Then follow the instructions in the appendix:

  1. Customize the sales price calculation schema
  2. Install an application for Google Chrome that allows you to add a product using AliExpress links
  3. Add AliExpress Products to Store