Connecting Yandex: Checkout payment gateway to a Shopify store

Found a page on how to connect Yandex: Checkout payment gateway to Shopify.

Action plan:

  1. To connect the Yandex: Checkout payment gateway to a Shopify store, go to link .
  2. Register in the gateway control panel at

     Yandex Kassa for Shopify
  3. Specify shopId, scid from the store. The shopPassword parameter must be invented by yourself (its value must be the same in the gateway settings you specified and in the technical data you specified for Yandex: Checkout).
     Yandex Kassa parameters for Shopify store
  4. After saving the settings, the Login and Password parameters will be generated to enter them in the gateway settings in the store control panel.
  5. Specify shopId, scid, shopPassword in the gateway control panel.
    < / a>
  6. If you need to connect an online checkout, you need to make settings in your account on the site
     Yandex operation settings: Checkout with online - checkout for Shopify store

As a result, the "Transfer check data for Yandex.Checkout" application will be installed in the Shopify store (at the moment, when the application is launched, an error occurs, but Yandex support: Checkout assured that this does not affect the operation of the online checkout) .

 Yandex payment example: Checkout for a Shopify store

If anyone is interested in connecting Yandex: Cashier, write .

Additional information on integration:

  1. Integration of payment in Yandex.Checkout using a ready-made payment module
  2. Integration testing Shopify and Yandex: Checkout
  3. Yandex gateway support email -