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LiqPay payment gateway for Shopify

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Integration option

Completed integration with LiqPay payment gateway using Hosted Payments SDK (Shopify offsite payments) .

The following connection options are valid (4800 rubles per year support for all options):

  1. Free connection - if you register a Shopify store with our help
  2. Connection 4000 rubles - if you register a Shopify store here < / li>
  3. Connection 8000 rubles - in other cases

Examples of gateway operation:

Connection order:

  1. Register in LiqPay and make settings in the LiqPay Cabinet
  2. Registering a Shopify < span> and configure settings in your Shopify Cabinet
  3. Send data to to connect the gateway:
    • Public LiqPay key
    • Personal LiqPay key
    • API Key Shopify for LiqPay app
    • API Password Shopify for LiqPay app
    • Shopify store name in format
  4. You need to install the gateway using this link . Please note that the country of the store must be Ukraine (Settings - General - Store address). The "Liqpay by PrivatBank" gateway is in the Alternative payments list.
  5. Also get a login and a signature that you need to enter on the Payments page of the Settings section on the / admin page of your store.
  6. Contact LiqPay about activating your LiqPay account.

Setting in the LiqPay Cabinet

Please note: you need to enter a trusted IP: (Shopify gateway for LiqPay).

Save the public and private keys - they need to be sent to connect the gateway.

Configuring LiqPay for Shopify (step 1)

Then such settings

Configuring LiqPay for Shopify (step 2)

Configuring the application in the Shopify Dashboard

Configuring LiqPay app for Shopify (step 1)


Configuring the LiqPay app for Shopify (step 2)


Configuring the LiqPay app for Shopify (step 3)

You need to save your API Key and API Password.

Configuring a Gateway in the Shopify Dashboard

On the Settings - Payments page, enter the received login and signature.

LiqPay payment gateway settings in your Shopify account